Sayonara, Yoshi Tasaka

By Tom Oshidari


On November 22, 2016, in lieu of its regular Board meeting at the Issei Memorial Building, JCCsj held an informal reception to honor Yoshi Tasaka, Community Relation Liaison for the Consulate-General of Japan in San Francisco. Yoshi  held that position for almost 10 years and through four Consul Generals prior to his departure in December.  It was largely due to his efforts that San Jose Japantown strengthened ties with the Consulate-General’s office.

In addressing the group Yoshi related how it was a “life changing experience” to observe the U. S. Japantowns’ community spirit and volunteerism (Yoshi attended many of San Jose JACL’s Community Recognition Dinners to hear the in-depth stories of many dedicated volunteers). 
Yoshi was inspired to visit the Tohoku region to see if there was something he could do to help.  In a moment of serendipity he came across a start-up company with a philosophy similar to his in wanting to help people, and he found his next job. The Chapter wishes Yoshi success in his new venture, and thanks him for his efforts in fostering ties between the Consul General and San Jose Japantown.