Halloween Fun House

By Marge Tsuji

This year, Halloween fell on a Monday, a bad day for working parents and school children.  But that didn’t stop hordes of costume-clad families from enjoying the festivities held in JapanTown.  Even the weather helped as the rain held off until later in the evening.

From 4 – 6:30 pm, the IMB rocked with Halloween music and tricksters happily engaged in creating Halloween crafts. (This year the games were omitted due to lack of volunteers but we hope to have them again next year - the boys were especially disappointed.) Frankensteins, ghosts, mummies and jack-o-lanterns were created by earnest young artists clad in the most extravagant costumes.  San Jose Lions handed out even more candy.

Across the street at Wesley Church, San Jose Taiko and their children’s class performed, later leading the children in a JapanTown parade to candy-giving shopkeepers.  Wesley members had elaborate Trunk-or-Treat displays in their car trunks, featuring interactive displays, balloon creatures and more candy.

This was a free, fun-filled event for all in the neighborhood and beyond.  It was a chance for JACL, Taiko, Wesley and the Lions to give back to the community and to connect with the people we work for and with.

Some of the JACL volunteers were Leon Kimura, Tom Oshidari, Iris Lou, Marge Tsuji, Emi Tsutsumi, Barb Isa, Margie Cornehl, Marian Suhama, Kay Utsumi, Irene Nakamitsu, Margie Oyama and Joyce Oyama.  We always have so much fun at this event, come join us next Halloween!

If you are interested in volunteering next year, email sanjosejacl@sbcglobal.net.