Yu-Ai Kai Mochitsuki

With the completion of the San Jose Buddhist Church annex retro-fit, the Yu-Ai Kai mochitsuki operations moved back to the annex. There was the usual turn-out of enthusiastic community and high school volunteers to make the event a success. This year, Chapter volunteers (Cristina Diaz, Leon Kimura, Iris Lou, Terry Oshidari, Tom Oshidari, Sue Shigemasa, Cindy Sugio, Marge Tsuji, Sharon Uyeda and Mark Yamamoto) helped in the afternoon with various tasks. 

Photos by Sharon Uyeda: Top Left - Sue Shigemasa, Sharon Uyeda, Cristina Diaz; Top Right - Marge Tsuji, Iris Lou; Bottom - Tom Oshidari, Mark Yamamoto, Leon Kimura.