Annual General Membership Meeting

By Neil Kozuma

The San Jose JACL Chapter held its Annual General Membership Meeting at the Issei Memorial Building on November 11, 2016. At the Annual General Meeting, members are elected to the Chapter’s Board of Directors. In attendance were the following Chapter members: Henry Uyeda; Sharon Uyeda; Cindy Sugino; Margie Oyama; Joyce Oyama; Iris Lou; Ken Diaz; Christina Diaz; Judy Niizawa; Tom Shigemasa; Sue Shigemasa; Al Nakahara; Carrie Shigemasa-Diaz; Joyce Furukawa; Terry Oshidari; Tom Oshidari; Marge Tsuji; Mark Yamamoto; Leon Kimura; and Neil Kozuma. 

The following persons were nominated and elected to the Chapter’s Board of Directors for 2017-2019: Iris Lou; Neil Kozuma; Sharon Uyeda; Carl Fujita; Al Nakahara; Richard Kamimura; Tom Nishisaka; Tom Shigemasa; Sue Shigemasa; and Steven Nose.

Co-President Tom Oshidari provided a recap of the Chapter’s involvement during 2016:

  • January
    • Installation Dinner at 4th Street Bowl
    • Panel member on the Stand-up Against Hatred and Scapegoating Forum
  • February
    • Day of Remembrance
    • “Valley of the Heart” Play
  • April
    • NCWNP District Gala Luncheon (recognized Iris Lou)
  • May
    • Scholarship Luncheon
    • Oak Hill Memorial Event
  • July
    • National Convention in Las Vegas
    • BAAPALS Summer Mixer
  • August
    • Appreciation BBQ
    • Anne Namba Fundraiser
  • September
    • AACI Dinner
  • October
    • CAIR Dinner
    • Suzume no Gakko 40th Anniversary Dinner
    • Halloween at the IMB
  • November
    • 13th Annual Community Recognition Dinner

National JACL News:
National JACL is conducting an executive search for a new Executive Director. National President, Gary Mayeda, is forming a Fiscal Oversight Committee to prevent overspending. The Pacific Citizen is projected to cost members $17.00 a year for a printed copy. An electronic version will be free. 
The Smithsonian is commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Executive Order 9066. The exhibit opens February 2017.