Annual Issei Memorial Building Clean Up Day

On June 25, 2016, we held our annual Issei Memorial Clean Up Day starting at 9 am.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Jim Manning, Doug Ray, and Darrell Asing from SJ Japantown Lions already working to readjust the security cameras. Soon after they fastened a wheel onto the bottom of the back gate so it would open smoothly.  Great job!

Emi Tsutsumi, Margie Cornehl, Jean Yamaguchi, and Kay Utsumi were busy cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom and the restrooms.  Of course, I stole Kay and Jean to help Tom Oshidari, Al Nakahara, and myself trim the front hedges on the side yard. 

Leianne Lamb, Cindy Toy, and Reiko Iwanaga from CATS cleaned windows and did general cleaning.  Helen Hayashi was busy cleaning up the JCCSJ office area. Marge Tsuji, and Sharon Uyeda cleaned up the SJ JACL office and files.

Rich Saito from JCCSJ/JT Prepared, Duane Kubo from Jtown Community T.V. and Jtown Filmfest, Neil Kozuma, and Leon Kimura worked on our disaster preparedness by fastening down picture frames, fixtures, and items in glass cases. 

Thank you, Wisa Uemura, Franco Imperial, Alix Koyama, Rylan Sekiguchi, and Yurika Chiba from SJ Taiko for taking on the task of cleaning the upstairs of the IMB. Plus, you had to fasten down all of the SJ JACL items in the glass cases.  Of course, Mitchell Fukumoto (I made a joke about the youngest adult having to climb the ladder and Mitchell was a sport and did it) and Wisa helped me cut down the trees in the back…you guys were awesome! Mark Yamamoto for changing our mat for our Handicap ramp in the back yard. 

Thank you to Emi for making a salad, Kay for the watermelon, Reiko for the plums, Marge for the fruit salad, mini-bundt cakes, cookies and brownies, Joyce Oyama for the sandwiches from Subway, Sharon for the bagels, cream cheese, juices., chips and dips.  I made namasu and Chicken salad.  There was plenty to eat and it was enjoyed by all. 

What a great way to spend a Saturday by volunteering to upkeep a historical majestic building, enjoying a great meal, and sharing laughter with new found friends. I can’t thank all of you enough for giving up your weekend Saturday!  Rich, Duane, Leon, Sharon, Marge, and Tom for staying 2 hours past our 3 pm end time.  

(article by Iris Lou)