Appreciation Barbecue

The San Jose JACL Appreciation BBQ was held on Friday, August 19, 2016 with 40 people who enjoyed the beautiful and serene setting of the Issei Memorial Building backyard. Co-President Tom Oshidari welcomed and thanked everyone for the support and help provided throughout the year.  

Thank you to our Co-President Sharon Uyeda who took on the task of organizing our BBQ and to the following people who pitched in:

For bringing the wide range of delicious dishes: Debbie and Pete Anderson (figs, zucchini casserole and a dessert),  Leon Kimura (ice), Iris Lou (Chinese chicken salad), Stacy Oshidari (fresh strawberry pie), Terry Oshidari (kale salad and soba salad), Joyce Oyama (strawberries), Rich and Dian Saito (bottle of sake), Sue Shigemasa (quinoa salad and chocolate cake) I heard that Kenny Diaz made the quinoa dish for us., Marge Tsuji (chili and rice), Emi Tsutsumi (oriental salad), Sharon Uyeda (bread, grilled zucchini, potato salad, and sodas). Mark Yamamoto (age bitashi). The mystery question of the night was, “who brought the tray of Happi House chicken salad?”  Whoever this wonderful person is, we thank you!

For grilling the chicken, tri tip, corn and zucchini: Evan Brand, Tom, and Mark. 

For setting up: Sharon, Tom, Leon, Mark, Marge, Terry, Kennon Oshidari, Emi, Jim Manning, and Iris.

Thank you: Margie Cornehl, Charlie and Christine Eichen, Duane Kubo, Ray and Lucy Matsumoto, Al Nakahara, Irene Nakamitsu, Judy Niizawa, Tamon, Yukiko, Keishin and Maya Norimoto, Aaron and Bryson Oshidari, Margie Oyama, Doug and Noriko Ray, Lynn and Vince Tran, Keiko Utsumi, Henry Uyeda, and Jean Yamaguchi for joining us and making our SJ JACL Appreciation BBQ a memorable one.